Together with two partner organizations in the Netherlands and Lithuania we have started to work on the “Wayfinding” project, an empowerment training created with and for Ukrainian people who had to leave their homes because of the war and have found refuge in these two countries. The project aims to help them to cope with the challenges of adaptation to new contexts, increase their psychological wellbeing and support their agency.

It includes a series of workshops based on the community psychology principles and a variety of creative methods, that are focused on building strategies for coping and adaptation, nurturing community leadership skills and helping people to form an active position and a vision for the future.

Participants also learn to set up and facilitate self-support groups that can become a source of continuous social and psychological support long after the end of the project. They will in turn be supported by dedicated online resources and have links to local organizations involved in social work, adult education, and mental health care.

The project is realized in the framework of Erasmus+ program.

As a small-scale partnership we are interested in cooperating with other organizations helping displaced Ukrainian people in European countries.
If your organization is offering informational, social, educational or healthcare support to Ukrainian refugees and have interest in empowerment training and self-support groups, we would be happy to get in touch with you and together discuss the most relevant ways to empower displaced people, support their adaptation and stimulate their psychological and social wellbeing.

You can reach us via email:
Thick Present (Netherlands): info@thickpresent.com
FENAN Consulting (Netherlands): fenan.consulting@gmail.com
Non-formal learning club “WE” (Lithuania): mokymosiklubas@gmail.com